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作者:昆仑维修服务中心   日期:2021-06-13 11:41:26

       Time has always been very important to us, and we often learn about time through some devices. I don’t think there is any time-watching equipment, which can be more convenient than a watch. The wrist-worn watch can also reflect a person's strong sense of time. In the process of using the watch, we inevitably encounter bumps, bumps, or accidental falls of the watch, which causes the watch to be damaged. What should we do? Beijing Kunlun Repair Center will talk about it.

       Even if the hardness of the cover glass of the watch is high, it may cause the watch glass to wear out. Therefore, we should be careful in our daily lives to avoid this situation. If this situation has already occurred on the watch's surface, how should we deal with it?

       First of all, we need to know that the mirror has different levels of damage, such as scratches, cracks, chipped corners, and complete damage. If only scratches or cracks can be used, the glass of the watch must be replaced if the corners are broken or completely damaged. Serious damage to the glass will cause the watch to be leaky, thereby affecting the waterproof function.

       udging from the material of watch glass, the plastic glass of old-fashioned watches will not burst, while mineral watch glass, especially the popular sapphire watch glass, is more prone to burst.

       So how to remove the scratches on the mirror surface of the watch?


       When there are scratches or slight scratches on the watch mirror, you can put one or two drops of water on the watch mirror first, then squeeze a little toothpaste, and then wipe it back and forth with a cotton ball to remove the scratches and make the watch mirror as new Up. This is only a "method" for minor traces. In serious cases, it must be taken to the after-sales service center to be polished by a professional master.

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       As for severe damage such as bursting, chipped corners and severe damage, when there are debris all over the dial, the following precautions are required:

       1. The first thing is to stop the watch. Pull out the crown to stop the watch. Do not let the pointer drive glass debris and scratch the dial and calendar plate.

       2. Never dial the hand and fast-adjust the calendar, nor try to remove the broken glass from the dial by yourself. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the dial and hands.

       3. When sending the watch to a repair shop, the watch should be placed flat (preferably with the glass side down) in the box. There should be no violent vibration or shaking during the repair.

       If your watch is severely damaged, after taking measures to stop the watch, you need to contact the Kunlun after-sales center in Beijing, and hand the watch to a professional watch repair technician to avoid damage to the watch due to damage, moisture and dust.


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