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       Everyone has different preferences and pursuits. To create unique watches, select different materials, design, polish, and manufacture each layer. Each of Kunlun watches incorporates the ingenuity of watchmakers and artists. Craftsmanship, hundreds of carefully designed components work together in perfect harmony to ensure the normal operation of the watch. Let's share the maintenance knowledge of Kunlun watches at the Beijing Kunlun Repair Center below!

       Do not over-wind a manual-winding Kunlun mechanical watch. One of the common mistakes people make when wearing a manual-winding watch is excessive winding. Manually wound watches are very durable, but they may be damaged. Wind your Kunlun watch at the same time every day and continue turning the crown until you feel a slight resistance. Please stop winding immediately! If there is any difficulty in rotating the crown, please do not continue winding. Doing so may damage your watch. Remember that you can only rotate the pointer clockwise when setting the time. Rotating the hands counterclockwise may damage some watch mechanisms. In addition, it is important to always set the date and date on the Kunlun watch during the day. Adjusting in the middle of the night can also damage your watch.


       Waterproof does not mean waterproof. Unless your Kunlun watch is specifically designed as a diving watch, it is best not to immerse it in water. Over time, the gasket that gives the watch water resistance becomes dry and brittle, and should be replaced when the watch is repaired. If the gasket between the case and the back of the watch becomes dry, the watch is no longer waterproof. Your Kunlun watch may also suffer from extreme heat and cold. When exposed to hot steam, the case will expand and moisture will enter through the micro cracks in the case or crystals. Regular regular service can prevent most of these problems.

       Putting Kunlun watches in a drawer causes more damage than wearing them every day. The mechanical devices of Kunlun mechanical watches need to move to keep the lubricant in place and work properly. Lubricants in unused watches may dry out or be removed from key bearings, damaging the watch’s precision mechanics. To avoid damaging the automatic watch, please place it on the automatic winder when not wearing it. Please note that even if the quartz watch is not used, it may cause damage. If the battery in the quartz watch is not replaced, it will eventually corrode and leak. The acid leaking from the battery will destroy the delicate movement of the watch. Due to irregular battery replacement, many exquisite Kunlun quartz watches were destroyed.

       Warm tips: If there is a problem with your watch, you can call the Beijing Kunlun Service Center at any time, and a professional master will repair and maintain your watch. Welcome to call!


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